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Policy Dialogue
Illicit finance: A transatlantic challenge

Thursday, 25 February 2021


Ben Judah
Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
Lakshmi Kumar
Policy Director, Global Integrity
Raluca Pruna
Head of Unit, Financial Crimes, DG FISMA, European Commission
Scott Rembrandt
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, US Department of the Treasury


Frederico Mollet
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Despite decades of international efforts, bad actors continue to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the global financial system to move their illicit proceeds. A spate of high-profile scandals have highlighted the critical role played by European and US financial institutions in facilitating the illicit finance of corrupt politicians, criminal enterprises, terrorists, and hostile states.

However, political momentum is building to address the critical gaps in domestic and global governance, in both the US and EU. As the world’s two greatest financial and economic blocks, the EU and the US have a unique opportunity to work together to shape global rules and behaviours. This Policy Dialogue brings together officials and experts from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss how the financial system should be reformed and how the US and EU can best work together to tackle illicit finance.


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