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Policy Dialogue
"No region left behind": promoting green and digital recovery in the EU’s disadvantaged regions

Tuesday, 02 February 2021


Alison Hunter
Senior adviser on regional policy and innovation and industrial growth European Policy Centre
David Minton
Director Northern & Western Regional Assembly, Ireland
Erik Bergkvist
Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Regional Development
Gaetano Armao
Vice President Sicily Region
Normunds Popens
Deputy Director General for Regional and Urban policy, European Commission


Marta Pilati
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

This high-level Policy Dialogue brought together in debate representatives from regional government,  EU institutions and experts on regional policy to discuss how regional disparities within the EU were being exacerbated by the economic and health crises as a result of COVID-19. Speakers stressed that the recovery, together with the green and digital transition, must take into account regional cohesion encapsulated in the idea  of    “No region left behind”. The EU had already activated some instruments to support regions to emerge from the crisis. EPC Senior Adviser Alison Hunter pointed out that Members States would retain “a very tight grip” on Recovery and Resilience Plans, which could undermine the engagement of regions and local administrations.  For more details of the discussion, see Euractiv 

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