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Policy Dialogue
Taking stock of the Spanish Council Presidency

Monday, 18 December 2023


Anna Ayuso
Senior Research Fellow, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, CIDOB
Ignacio Molina
Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute
Jean-Louis De Brouwer
Director for European Affairs, Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations


Johannes Greubel
Head of the Transnationalisation Programme & Connecting Europe Project Leader, European Policy Centre

Guided by the motto “Europe, closer”, the Spanish Presidency of the Council came at a pivotal time for Europe. This online Policy Dialogue will take stock of the accomplishments and shortcomings of Spain’s term at the helm of the Council. Panellists will evaluate the endeavours of the Spanish Presidency and the imminent wrap-up of this impactful chapter in EU leadership. The event will also provide a platform to discuss the implications for the upcoming Belgian Presidency.

This Policy Dialogue takes place in the context of Project Presidency, a series of joint activities of the EPC and the Elcano Royal Institute to discuss key policy issues during the Spanish Presidency of the Council.

Participation is open to Elcano and EPC members, the media, and EU officials

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