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The circular economy’s potential for fostering decent jobs

Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Benjamin Denis
Policy Adviser for Industrial Policy, IndustriAll
Joke Dufourmont
Lead of the Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy
Marek Harsdorff
economist, International Labour Organisation
Ryan Gellert
General Manager - EMEA, Patagonia
William Neale
Adviser for Circular Economy, DG for Environment, European Commission


Claire Dhéret
Head of Social Europe & Well-being programme, European Policy Centre

Europe’s labour markets are being transformed as a result of megatrends, such as globalisation, a fragmenting production and value chain, demographic ageing, new working patterns, and the massive introduction of new technologies. At the same time, the growing circular economy is gaining policy momentum, as seen with the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan.

The benefits of the circular economy for the climate, the environment,   and people’s health and well-being are indisputable. It has enormous potential for boosting the local economy, job creation, and improved working conditions by providing quality jobs.The circular economy also has an important role to play in the post-COVID-19 recovery in rebuilding a system that can withstand shocks and deliver a future-proof labour market. However, the extent to which the full potential of circular economy in European labour markets will be deployed remains to be seen.

The Policy Dialogue will explore the interlinkages between the transition to a more circular economy and quality jobs, drawing on Circle Economy’s recent report on Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy: State of Play and future Pathways.


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