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The area-based approach – A solution to tackle energy poverty?

Tuesday, 03 March 2020

Bjorn Mallants, VVH Flanders
Dr. Stefan Bouzarovski, European Energy Poverty Observatory
Giustino Piccolo, the Covenant of Mayors EU Office
by Andoni Hidalgo, Euroiker / Gabineteseis

Ciarán CUFFE, Member of the European Parliament

Wim Hazeu, CEO Wonen Limburg
Gordon Sutherland, Head of Sector for buildings, heating & cooling, EASME
Charles Roarty, Energy Action Ireland
Sebastien Garnier, Innovation manager, Housing Europe

Claire Dheret, Head of Programme, Social Europe and Well-being, European Policy Centre (Moderator)

This workshop, which is jointly organised by Housing Europe and the European Policy Centre (EPC) within the framework of the European Union Energy Poverty Observatory, will discuss the potential of the district approach in tackling energy poverty.

Experts and practitioners will present solutions developed at the local level while reflecting about financial incentives and co-creation methods. In addition, the workshop will debate whether there is a role for the EU to promote such an approach and to what extent decentralised energy production should become a central piece of the EU Green Deal.

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