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Policy Dialogue
The impact of budget constraints on EU health systems: The case of pharmaceutical care in Greece

Thursday, 06 December 2018

Considerable structural reforms, many in response to the country’s Economic Adjustment Programme, have been initiated in Greece to control public expenditure on health and make the health system more efficient. However, a decline in public spending combined with higher percentages of private spending is leading to concerns about equal access to care and high-quality treatment, particularly for people on low incomes and vulnerable groups. It is also creating concern about the provision of affordable, accessible, and innovation-promoting pharmaceutical care services.  This Policy Dialogue discussed the impact of budget constraints on Greek pharmaceutical care and explored how to ensure efficiency and sustainability of the health system while addressing public health issues and promoting access to care and high-quality treatment.

Speakers included: Hans Martens, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre, John Yfantopoulos, Professor of Health Economics, University of Athens, Benedetta Martinelli, Economic Data Analyst, DG Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission, Christos Lionis, Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Crete, George Kalamitsis, Chair, Hellenic Liver Patients Association "Prometheus", Michael Himonas, General Manager, Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies.

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