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Towards better health crisis management The EU’s role in global pandemics

Wednesday, 17 June 2020


Arjan Toor
Chief Executive Officer, Cigna Europe
Josephine Borghi
Associate Professor in Health Economics and Policy
Lieve Fransen
Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre
Wolfgang Philipp
Head of Unit, Crisis management and preparedness in health


Claire Dhéret
Head of Social Europe & Well-being Programme, European Policy Centre

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Europe hard. Public health strategies adopted by EU countries have varied significantly, highlighting the different capacities of national health systems. It has also brought to the fore the lack of a common approach and the deficiencies in health crisis management at both the EU and international level.

Lessons need to be drawn to better shield populations and socio-economic systems, as well as to enhance health services’ ability to deal with pandemics, and make them more resilient to cross-border health threats. This Policy Dialogue will discuss how coordination can be strengthened at EU and global level, the contribution of different stakeholders to strengthening health systems’ preparedness and response to future health crises, as well as possible reforms.

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