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Policy Dialogue
Towards circular e-waste management: How can digitalisation help?

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Thursday, 30 September 2021
 14:00 - 15:30


Bruno Vermoesen
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Recupel & Head of Office Governmental Affairs for Circular Economy, BSH Home Appliances Group
Jean Pierre Schweitzer
Senior Policy Officer for Circular Economy & Product Policy, European Environmental Bureau
Laurent Hellebaut
Chair of Waste Task Force and EU Affairs Coordinator, Orgalim & Senior Expert Environment, AGORIA
Pascal Leroy
Director General, WEEE Forum
Stefan Sipka
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
Terasa Oberhauser
EU Project Lead, Circularise
William Neale
Adviser, Circular Economy & Green Growth, DG Environment, European Commission


Annika Hedberg
Senior Policy Analyst and Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme, European Policy Centre

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. In 2019, around 53.6 megatons of e-waste was generated worldwide, of which 12 megatons in the EU. This huge amount includes critical materials such as precious metals, iron and aluminium. Moreover, given that electronics contain hazardous materials, lack of proper treatment in the end-of-life phase leads to harmful pollution and potential health hazards. It is in the EU’s interest to find ways to address this growing challenge and, here, digitalisation can, arguably, provide interesting solutions through improved information sharing and processes that can contribute to better e-waste management.
This Policy Dialogue will explore the challenges, potential and prospects for using data and digital solutions to support circular value chains for electronics and the prevention, collection and treatment of e-waste in the EU, as well as the role of EU policies and financial instruments in this effort. 

The event and the publication are a part of the EPC project ‘E-waste and a creation of a digital circular economy’, supported by the WEEE Forum and funded by SENS eRecycling.

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