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Policy Dialogue
Women in peace and security: What can the EU and NATO do better?

Wednesday, 22 September 2021


Alia El-Yassir
Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, UN Women
Charlotte Isaksson
Senior Gender Advisor, European External Action Service
Lieutenant Colonel Diana Morais
Chair, Committee on Gender Perspective, NATO


Ionela Ciolan
Research Fellow, European Policy

Women and men are impacted differently by conflict and insecurity, so it is paramount to include women in decision-making processes within security organisations. Moreover, as UN research shows, women tend to be omitted from peace negotiations, which may severely affect the objective of attaining sustainable peace and human security.

UN Resolution 1325 on women, peace, and security, adopted in 2000, marked a milestone in recognising the value of a gender perspective on peace and security. It mainstreamed the idea that gender-based violence is likely to increase during and after war. As human rights and gender equality are also European values, the European Union launched in 2018 the EU Strategic Approach to Women, Peace and Security, while at NATO, there are discussions on the role of women, peace, and security within the new 2030 agenda.

At this online Policy Dialogue, speakers will assess the current state of the UN’s resolution on women, peace and security. They will also look at the level of implementation of the resolution by the European Union and NATO, as well as other gender policies, programmes and strategies applied by the Euro-Atlantic organisations to the defence and security sector.

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