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EU communications on migration: Moving beyond the “crisis” narrative

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

This roundtable was the third and final one in a series of discussions that took place in the context of the EPC-FES project “EU communications on migration: perspectives and strategies”. The project sought to develop practical recommendations and tools that can help strengthen the EU’s communications on migration. In the context of the roundtable, EPC analysts presented some recommendations on how to move away from the "crisis" narrative when communication about migration at the EU level. The roundtable also served as a platform to collect feeback from the participants on how to find new narratives in order to shape the migration discourse differently. Speakers included: Thomas Coombes, Human Rights Strategist & Communications Expert, Hope-Based Comms,
Angela Cristea, Head of Communication Unit, DGeneral Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission, Katharina Bamberg, Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre, Marco Funk, Policy Officer, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

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