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Helena Hahn
Policy Analyst

Helena Hahn joined the EPC in May 2020. She is currently a Policy Analyst within the European Diversity and Migration programme. Her main interests include border management, EU migration cooperation with third countries, EU funding, climate-induced displacement as well as refugee integration policies.

She previously gained experience at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) in Washington, DC, the Brussels Mission of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vienna, Austria.

Helena holds a Master in International Affairs (MIA) from the Graduate Institute in Geneva (2019), where she focused on security studies, migration and urban policy. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in World Politics from Leiden University College The Hague (2016).


European Migration and Diversity


Areas of expertise

Migration governance, climate change and migration, EU migration cooperation with third countries, EU funding, borders and technology, refugee resettlement, refugee integration

Current positions

Policy Analyst


Master in International Affairs, Graduate Institute, Geneva
BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges, Leiden University College The Hague


English, German, French, Italian (basic)



Migration / 2022 MEDAM Assessment Report
Refugee protection in the EU: Building resilience to geopolitical conflict
By Matthias Lücke , Helena Hahn , Silvia Carta , Martin Ruhs , Mehari Taddele Maru , Paweł Kaczmarczyk , Karolina Łukasiewicz , Marta Pachocka , Tobias Heidland - 13/10/2022
Future-proofing resettlement policies: Next steps for resettlement and community sponsorship in the EU
By Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn , Silvia Carta - 06/12/2021
EPIM Policy Update December 2020
By Marie De Somer , Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn - 09/12/2020
EPIM Policy Update September 2020
By Marie De Somer , Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn - 18/09/2020


Schengen / INTERVIEW
Interview with ORF
Helena Hahn was invited to comment on the outcomes of the final European Council summit of the year on Austria’s main television news programmePrior to the EUCO, the Austrian government had vetoed Romania’s and Bulgaria’s bid to join the Schengen area while calling for reinforced EU borders and additional support from the European Commission to stem migrant arrivals. Her contribution focused on the limited effectiveness of border walls and the implications that an expanded Schengen area would have on reducing secondary movements within the EU.

Interview with ORF
16 December 2022 - ,
ZIB 2 News, ORF
Baden-Baden Entrepreneur Talks (BBUG)
Helena Hahn moderated a session on the impact of the war in Ukraine on EU migration and asylum policy in the context of the Baden-Baden Entrepreneur Talks, held at the State Representation of Baden-Württemberg. Panelists included Marie De Somer, Head of Programme and Senior Policy Analyst at the EPC and Teresa Hornung, Senior Adviser on European Affairs at the Brussels office of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA).

Europe’s Answer to the War in Ukraine
27 October 2022 - Brussels, Belgium,
State Representation of Baden-Württemberg
Migration / CONFERENCE
European Think Tank Conference
Helena Hahn participated in the first annual European Think Tank Conference in Berlin, organized by the Think Tank Lab. She presented her Discussion Paper “Keeping a cool head: How to improve the EU migration crisis response”, which was developed as part of the 6-month Think Tank School, a professional development program organized by the Think Tank Lab.

European Think Tank Conference
19 October 2022 - Berlin, Germany,
Think Tank Lab

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