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Teona Lavrelashvili
Policy Analyst
Teona Lavrelashvili is a Policy Analyst in the European Politics and Institutions programme.

Before joining the EPC, she managed the European Party Monitor project at KU Leuven, analysing electoral trends and party developments in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to that, she worked as a policy officer at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR), contributing to the EU's enlargement strategy towards the Balkans and working on strategic communication initiatives.

Teona also served as a policy adviser to the European Seniors' Union, focusing on enhancing the political participation of senior citizens. She was affiliated with the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and served as a Schuman Fellow at the European Parliament.

Teona is also engaged in various societal activities and currently leads the College of Europe’s Alumni Association and the European Alliance for Georgia. She has initiated and managed multiple projects, including "How Does the EU Work", which has educated more than 300 emerging leaders and civil society participants in Brussels. Since 2019, she has been a guest lecturer specialising in EU institutions, neighborhood policies and European-level political parties.

In 2022, Teona earned her Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences from KU Leuven with a dissertation on the role of European political parties in the EU enlargement process.


European Politics and Institutions


EPC Elections Monitor, REGROUP, Task Force on EU Enlargement

Areas of expertise

EU institutions and governance, enlargement, Western Balkans, EU Associated Trio, European political parties and foundations, party politics and elections

Current positions

Policy Analyst


PhD Degree in Social Sciences, KU Leuven
M.A. in EU Politics and Administration, College of Europe
M.A. in Public Administration, Tbilisi State University 
B.A. in International relations, Tbilisi State University


Georgian, English, French, Russian, Spanish



Donald Tusk is back: Finally a new era in Polish-EU relations?
By Teona Lavrelashvili , Tomasz Bielecki - 19/10/2023
What can we expect from Fico's government in the EU...another Orban?
By Teona Lavrelashvili , Radovan Geist - 05/10/2023
EU enlargement / COMMENTARY
From rhetoric to action on enlargement: A three-pronged way forward
By Corina Stratulat , Teona Lavrelashvili - 11/09/2023


EU enlargement / INTERVIEW
Interview with TV Formula
Teona Lavrelashvili was interviewed by TV Formula on the European Commission's 2023 Enlargement Package.

Watch the interview here. (In Georgian)

Interview with TV Formula
12 November 2023 - ,
TV Formula
Georgia's candidate status
Teona Lavrelashvili was interviewed by TV Formula on the Commission's recommendation to grant Georgia candidate status. 

Watch the interview here. (In Georgian)

Georgia's candidate status
12 November 2023 - ,
TV Formula
Future of Europe / PANEL DISCUSSION
Brussels, my love?
Teona Lavrelashvili participated in the English episode of "Brussels, my love?", Euronews' show on EU affairs. The episode focused on the worrying rise of racism in Europe as well as the need and potential for enlargement. 

Watch the episode here.

Brussels, my love?
04 November 2023 - ,

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