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Public health in the EU: 30 years since the Maastricht Treaty

Tuesday 14 June 2022  10:30 - 17:30


Eleonora Varntoumian
President, European Health Parliament
Elizabeth Kuiper
Associate Director, Head of Social Europe and Well-Being, European Policy Centre
Hans Martens
Chair of CHES and Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre
Helmut Brand
Jean Monnet Professor of European Public Health and Head of the Department of International Health, Maastricht University
Mary Guy
Lecturer in Law, Lancaster University
Matthias Wismar
Programme Manager, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
Robert Madelin
Former Director-General for Health and Consumers, European Commission
Roser Domenech Amado
Head of Unit, Communications Unit, DG SANTE, European Commission
Sanjay Pattanshetty
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India
Tamin Rose
Senior Fellow, Friends of Europe; former Secretary General, EPHA
Tomislav Sokol
Member of the European Parliament
Troels Petersen
Citizen Representative, Conference on the Future of Europe

This in-person conference, organised by the European Policy Centre as part of the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society (CHES), and Maastricht University, will reflect on public health and health policy in the EU over the last three decades, taking stock of the developments and changes since 1992. The event will look at the state of health in Europe today while also discussing the future of health in the EU. 

Three panel discussions will take place, namely:

1.    Panel 1 - 30 years since Maastricht: The evolution of public health in the EU

2.    Panel 2 - Health and the EU today

3.    Panel 3 - The future of health in the EU  

Full programme here

The event will take place at 
Maastricht University Campus Brussels, Tervurenlaan 153, 1150 St-Pieters-Woluwe

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