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Civic cohesion

Civic cohesion is about having and using the opportunities to participate in public life as a citizen. This definition emphasises not only the importance of opportunities (civic infrastructure) for participation, but also the significance of having access, capacity, and motivation (civic literacy) to actively engage in civic life.

This Project explores a potential path for integrating the notion of civic cohesion into the EU’s Cohesion Policy. Investing in civic infrastructure is as important as investing in physical infrastructure if we want to achieve a more cohesive EU. Incorporating the notion of civic cohesion into the EU’s Cohesion Policy could help formulate arguments, including economic ones, in favour of a democratic civic space.

With the approaching European Parliament elections in spring 2024, it is time to shape the EU-level policy debate on civic cohesion and its place in the wider EU policy sphere. Furthermore, this Project will include interviews with experts and desk research, which will feed into a final publication.



Policy Analyst
EU health and social policies
Programme Assistant
Neo-illiberalism, populism and illiberal democracies, inequality, social welfare, healthcare policy

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