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The EU’s approach to climate mobility: Which way forward?

Helena Hahn , Melanie Fessler

Date: 26/10/2023
Climate mobility as a global issue needs strategic thinking about how people adapt, and the role mobility can play in alleviating the adverse effects of climate change.

This Discussion Paper analyses what the EU is doing to deal with climate mobility. It addresses the complicated relationship between climate change, mobilities, and related challenges in modelling and projecting future scenarios. It also shows the multilateral policy developments relating to climate and migration and the EU’s actions on climate mobility, with a focus on two interrelated challenges:

1.    Policy (in)coherence and counterproductive narratives.
2.    Weak institutional coordination.

The EU’s funding landscape is also addressed, focusing on the challenges of mainstreaming and monitoring when assessing the funds dedicated to this cause. It concludes with recommendations on impacts, multilateral engagement, policy, and funding, which outline practical steps to be taken in the short and long-term.

Read the full paper here.
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Tony Karumba / AFP

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