'Brexit' or 'bremain' – The referendum and beyond

8 March 2016

The UK referendum on EU membership on 23 June – whatever the outcome – marks a watershed in Britain’s relationship with the European Union (EU). The terms of the renegotiations package agreed with Prime Minister David Cameron have increased questions and possible scenarios. For example, how has the deal been seen in the UK, and what implications might it have for the outcome of the referendum? What do the polls tell us and what will be the key determining factors? Is the debate all about fear and uncertainty in the end? Other key questions include whether the UK will become a more 'constructive player' after a possible ‘remain’ vote or whether it will remain an ‘awkward partner’. Furthermore, the implications of what a ‘leave’ vote might mean for parts of the UK such as Scotland and Northern Ireland remain unclear. These questions and others were explored by a distinguished panel of experts.