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Turkey's relations with Germany and the EU: Breaking the vicious circle

2 October 2017
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Juliane Schmidt (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Relations between Germany and Turkey have reached an all-time low. With escalating rhetoric and mutual recriminations, the relationship that Berlin and Ankara have maintained for decades has entered unchartered waters. In this Policy Brief, Amanda Paul and Juliane Schmidt argue that Germany and the EU need to think carefully and strategically about how to shape their future relationship with Turkey. Following the declarations made by Chancellor Merkel in the run-up to the recent federal election, it remains to be seen to what extent the new German government will re-orientate its Turkey policy. For possibly the first time in their relationship, Germany and Turkey have lost credibility and standing in the eyes of the other. And yet, both sides expect concessions from the other. To move forward, both parties need to acknowledge the costs of further escalation. Perpetuating the vicious circle risks leading to a complete breakdown in relations.

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