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Azerbaijan - The key to EU energy security

24 October 2011
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Gulmira Rzayeva (External authors)

Caspian energy is crucial to realising the EU’s Southern Corridor, a priority project aimed at diversifying energy supply routes and sources, and boosting EU energy security. Developments in the Southern Caspian over the last few weeks represent a step forward in bringing the Southern Corridor to life. These include: the bidding for Shah Deniz II gas; the discovery of significant new gas reserves in Azerbaijan’s Absheron field; and the European Commission receiving the green light from the European Council to negotiate with Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to establish a legal framework for constructing the Trans-Caspian Pipeline (TCP). Azerbaijan, which is the EU’s key partner in Caspian regional energy projects, is the lynchpin of the Southern Corridor and is at the heart of recent developments. This commentary by Amanda Paul and Gulmira Rzayeva analyses the state of play regarding the Shah Deniz II gas decision and the remaining difficulties ahead, including the crucial issue of transit across Turkey and developments related to the construction of a Trans-Caspian Pipeline.

Azerbaijan - The key to EU energy security

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