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Azerbaijan-NATO cooperation: prospects and challenges for the future - Roundtable

3 March 2014

Situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan endeavours to carry out a carefully balanced and pragmatic foreign policy towards its neighbours and allies. Azerbaijan has been part of NATO’s Partnership for Peace Programme for 20 years.  Baku cooperates actively with NATO through its Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) and has contributed troops to the conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq and to the ISAF Mission in Afghanistan. It has been an important partner in the war against terrorism with Azerbaijani airspace and territory being crucial for the transportation of troops and cargo to Afghanistan. Azerbaijan is also continuing to develop cooperation with NATO in such areas as democratisation, security and defence sector reform, anti-terrorism, as well as science and environment.  However, because of Azerbaijan’s need to maintain a careful balance between its relations with the West and its neighbours Russia and Iran, unlike Georgia, Azerbaijan’s leadership has never stated explicitly that it wishes to join the alliance. The roundtable analysed the current state and future prospects of NATO-Azerbaijan relations. According to the panellists, NATO-Azerbaijan cooperation proved fruitful and positive over the past ten years and Azerbaijan’s manifested desire to upgrade its cooperation with NATO might be met at the NATO Newport Summit that will take place in early September 2014.

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