Making Europe work: improving the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation
27 June 2006

This Working Paper warns that failure to ensure that EU laws are correctly applied and effectively enforced risks further undermining support for the integration process, and makes detailed recommendations to improve the transposition, implementation and enforcement of legislation.

A human security agenda for the EU?
21 June 2006

This Issue Paper by John Kotsopoulos argues that adopting a formal human security agenda would benefit the EU by improving the coordination and focus of its external relations policies.

On the slow road to recovery, destination unknown
19 June 2006

For, as this analysis explains, the discussions on the two issues which dominated the summit - the fate of the Constitutional Treaty and the future of enlargement – left many questions unanswered.

The European Neighbourhood Policy as a conflict prevention tool
13 June 2006
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World) and Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

This Issue Paper, written by Fraser Cameron in collaboration with Rosa Balfour, argues that although the ENP was not designed with conflict prevention in mind, it has the potential to be an important instrument to stabilise and resolve conflicts in the wider Europe.

Playing ball: EU regulation of professional football since the Bosman ruling
8 June 2006

As World Cup fever grips the continent, this Policy Brief by Borja García, examines the impact of EU legislation and policies on the ‘beautiful game’ since the European Court of Justice’s landmark ruling in the case brought by Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman in 1995.

Gas and electricity in Europe: the elusive common interest
12 May 2006

This Policy Brief by Guillaume Durand argues that for all the talk of a common energy policy, Member States remain reluctant to create a truly integrated market

One size fits all? Tailored integration policies for migrants in the European Union
4 May 2006

This Working Paper by Elizabeth Collett warns that EU Member States’ integration policies have not kept pace with these developments and neglect the needs of temporary migrants.

The EU and Latin America: the other transatlantic relationship
28 April 2006

This Policy brief by Vanessa Matthews sets out the background to current EU-Latin American relations, argues that the EU now has a “window of opportunity” to deepen its dialogue with the region, and says improved ties could reap rich rewards for both sides.

Energising debate keeps the EU show on the road - Post-Summit Analysis
25 March 2006

As this analysis of the summit explains, significant progress was made in a number of areas, particularly on an "Energy Policy for Europe” and the services directive, and the feared clashes over alleged "economic patriotism" in some EU Member States were averted.

Muslims in Europe: addressing the challenges of radicalisation
24 March 2006

This Working Paper by Mirjam Dittrich charts the growth of ‘Euro-Islam’, considers the factors which contribute to violent radicalisation, warns of the risks associated with failed integration, and argues for concerted action at EU and Member State level to bring Europe’s Muslims ‘in from the cold’ and prevent the feared ‘clash of civilisations’.

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