Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Circular economy and smarter use of resources

Green revolution: making eco-efficiency a driver for growth

26 January 2012
Serban Chiorean-Sime (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC) and Annika Hedberg (Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

The economic crisis poses tremendous challenges for Europe and it is well-acknowledged that in order to exit the crisis, Europe must find ways to renew itself. It needs new sources of growth. This Issue Paper, written by Annika Ahtonen with Serban Chiorean-Sime, argues that eco-efficiency should and could be an important part of the solution, and the EU cannot afford to wait. Using resources more efficiently throughout our economy, recognising their value as the basis of well-being and economic growth, and developing and taking into use resource-efficient, low-carbon products and services are the foundation for a more sustainable economy. Eco-efficiency can boost businesses’ productivity and competitiveness on the global market. It can help the public sector to improve its finances. It can bring significant gains for European citizens, ranging from jobs to health benefits. It can stimulate interest in the European project. And it can help to deepen the internal market, which is Europe's main driver of competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability. Eco-efficiency has the potential to become the next European success story, while helping to deliver the Europe 2020 strategys objectives of driving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Green revolution: making eco-efficiency a driver for growth

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