Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Circular economy and smarter use of resources

Water as a human right - Task Force Workshop
25 March 2014

Water is a biological necessity for life and access to a clean and safe supply for drinking, cooking, hygiene and sanitary purposes, is a human right under international law.

Towards toxic-free plastics and more sustainable recycling – Europe’s pressing challenge
11 February 2014

In the European Union, only 25% of plastic waste is recycled, and while recycling would make economic, as well as environmental sense, one of the main challenges to increasing this rate lies in the plastics themselves.

Towards toxic-free plastics and more sustainable recycling – Europe’s pressing challenge

Thirsty world: linkages and inter-dependencies between water and energy, agriculture and environment - Task Force meeting
2 December 2013

This Task Force meeting explored the interconnections between water and energy, agriculture and environment to demonstrate the complex nature of the water challenge.

Water cycle challenges in and beyond the EU – How big a problem? – Task Force meeting
23 September 2013

This meeting painted a picture of the challenges in the water cycle, both in and outside the EU, demonstrated why quantity, quality and access to water matter, and provided an overview of the EU’s water-related policies and tools for action.

Making smart grids the building block for a greener economy - Roundtable discussion
21 June 2012

This roundtable discussion considered the challenges and potential related to creating a pan-European smart grid.

Resource efficiency - Task Force
21 September 2011

The Task Force on Eco-efficiency shared some of its initial findings and recommendations on the potential of eco-innovation and resource efficiency for Europe with Members of the European Parliament.

Economic study - Task Force meeting
22 June 2011

At this meeting, Copenhagen Economics presented the Economic Study, followed by a discussion on public and private investment, the importance of better regulation, the benefits of Europe setting the standards in resource efficiency and the potential productivity gains of having all companies moving towards resource efficiency targets.

Energy efficiency and the economic studies - Task Force meeting
11 May 2011

This meeting discussed policy developments in the area of eco-efficiency and the measures needed to achieve the energy efficiency target within the wider framework for resource efficiency.

EU budget and allocation of money - Task Force meeting
27 April 2011

This Task Force meeting focused on the ways in which eco-innovation and resource efficiency can be effectively pursued through the EU budget.

Eco-innovation and resource efficiency – barriers and enablers - Task Force meeting
18 March 2011

This meeting focused on existing policies and tools and identified key barriers and enablers for achieving eco-innovation and resource efficiency.

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