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Health innovation - time for a pause or a push?
26 November 2013

Health systems across Europe are in distress, with spending outpacing income and ageing populations demanding evermore efficient services; however, on a positive note, smart innovation and fast-advancing scientific research can deliver cost-effective healthcare benefits.

Health innovation

Reconciling healthcare needs and public finance: how to tackle the challenge at a time of austerity?
21 October 2013

Healthcare spending poses a huge challenge, and while national health systems are primarily the responsibility of member states, the EU has an important role to play in encouraging smarter spending.

Reconciling healthcare needs and public finance

Presidencies talking: EU Health Council Briefing
24 June 2013

The race is on to finalise the health legislation that is currently on the table before next year’s European Parliament elections and the end of the current EU political cycle.

Presidencies talking: EU Health Council Briefing

Towards cost-effective health care - Should more be done to promote health and prevent disease?
6 May 2013

Investing in health promotion and disease prevention would keep people healthy and active for longer, reducing healthcare expenditure in the long term.

Towards cost-effective health care

New rules on clinical trials and testing medicines: are we on the right track? - CHES Roundtable
4 December 2012

This CHES roundtable discussion considered the proposed new rules on clinical trials, how well they address the shortcomings of the Clinical Trials Directive, and the main improvements.

Valuing health at a time of austerity
27 November 2012

Healthcare innovation can boost economic growth while helping to deliver better health care to more people in a more sustainable manner.

Valuing health at a time of austerity

Active and healthy ageing - with ICT?
16 October 2012

ICT can help promote active and healthy ageing and also improve the sustainability of solutions, but cost is an issue with public budgets under strain.

Active and healthy ageing

Promoting health and preventing disease - the role of the citizen - CHES Roundtable
24 September 2012

This CHES roundtable discussion explored the rationale for a stronger focus on disease prevention and health promotion in Europe, and the citizens’ role in this, what influences individual choices and how other actors, such as businesses and pharmacists, can help citizens to take better care of themselves, as well as why, at a time of austerity measures, it makes sense to encourage prevention and health promotion.

Presidencies talking – EU Health Council Briefing – The next steps towards active healthy ageing
25 June 2012

Promoting healthy and active ageing can help boost innovation in Europe, producing economic growth that can help the continent to emerge from the crisis as well as relieving pressure on public purses, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Presidencies talking

Towards a healthy and active Europe - Are we on the right track?
20 April 2012

The ageing of society ranks among the greatest social and economic challenges facing Europe, said John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, in a Policy Briefing.

Towards a healthy and active Europe - Are we on the right track?

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