Digital Single Market project
22 April 2010

Findings of an EPC project, released just days before former Competition Commissioner Mario Monti submits his findings on relaunching the Single Market to Commission President Barroso, show that a Digital Single Market could add 4.1% to EU GDP by 2020, and be a key driver for productivity and competitiveness.

Cyprus - The beginning of a new era
21 April 2010
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

In this commentary Amanda Paul looks at likely changes in Cyprus following Devis Eroğlu’s election as Leader of the island’s Turkish Cypriot community, including the reunification talks and the likely impact on Turkey’s EU membership negotiations.

Europe's contribution to anti-corruption efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa
31 March 2010
John T. Kaninda (External authors) and Stefan Schepers (Secretary General of independent tripartite High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management)

Following on from the publication of the World Bank Report on ‘quiet corruption in Africa’ this EPC Policy Brief says corruption is costing African economies $148 billion a year as lax regulations allow socially-irresponsible European companies to milk many Sub-Saharan African countries of their assets.

A deal for Greece, more work for the EU - Post-Summit Analysis
29 March 2010

The Spring European Council saw an end to the bitter divisions of recent weeks over how to respond to the Greek budget crisis, but reinforced impressions that the EU is going through a difficult transition period.

The European Council: balancing short term crisis and long term strategy
24 March 2010
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

This week’s Spring Council should not be side tracked by the Greek crisis from tackling Europe’s main economic problems, says Fabian Zuleeg in this Commentary.

Economic recovery to a greener economy: mobilising ICT-based innovations
11 March 2010
Peter Johnston (Former EPC Senior Adviser) and Waldo Vanderhaeghen (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC)

This Working Paper gives concrete proposals of how ICT can play a key role in making Europe a more energy-efficient, low-carbon economy, as outlined in the Europe 2020 strategy.

Implementing Lisbon: narrowing the EU's 'democratic deficit'?
9 March 2010
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies) and Corina Stratulat (Head of European Politics and Institutions programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Now the Lisbon Treaty has been in force for three months, this Policy Brief by Janis A. Emmanouilidis and Corina Stratulat assesses how far it can help to overcome the EU’s alleged democratic deficit.

Europe 2020: better - but still not good enough
5 March 2010
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

This Commentary by Fabian Zuleeg assesses the Strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ukraine under Yanukovych: plus ca change?
19 February 2010
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

In this Commentary Amanda Paul looks at the challenges facing Ukraine’s future President Viktor Yanukovych: creating political and economic stability, improving governance and strengthening the rule of law.

Barnier and the 'vision thing': reinvigorating the Single Market
10 February 2010
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

When Michel Barnier takes up his portfolio as Internal Market and Services Commissioner today he will have a difficult job: not only reforming Europe’s financial markets but also providing a future vision for the Single Market, says Fabian Zuleeg in this Policy Brief.

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