Innovative partnerships and financing mechanisms: A means to deliver better access to drinking water and sanitation in developing countries - Workshop
10 March 2015

The workshop aimed to stimulate discussions on innovative partnerships and financing mechanisms, including solidarity mechanisms, as ways to promote access to drinking water and sanitation in developing countries.

Water - A factor of instability or an opportunity for cooperation? - Workshop
9 December 2014

The meeting addressed the issue of water as a factor of instability, as well as a security challenge, and looked at both global trends and regional case studies.

The economics of water matter - From theory to practice - Task Force meeting
29 October 2014

The EPC’s Blue Gold Taskforce workshop, kindly supported by Suez Environnement, on the economics of water matter comprised of two parts: financing better management of water and innovation as a trigger for growth and competitiveness.

Water as a human right - Task Force Workshop
25 March 2014

Water is a biological necessity for life and access to a clean and safe supply for drinking, cooking, hygiene and sanitary purposes, is a human right under international law.

Thirsty world: linkages and inter-dependencies between water and energy, agriculture and environment - Task Force meeting
2 December 2013

This Task Force meeting explored the interconnections between water and energy, agriculture and environment to demonstrate the complex nature of the water challenge.

Water cycle challenges in and beyond the EU – How big a problem? – Task Force meeting
23 September 2013

This meeting painted a picture of the challenges in the water cycle, both in and outside the EU, demonstrated why quantity, quality and access to water matter, and provided an overview of the EU’s water-related policies and tools for action.

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