Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

Findings of the project: lessons learned, opportunities discovered and actions to be taken - Task Force meeting
8 March 2012

The final meeting of this Task Force considered the key findings of the project, including the potential opportunities for growth, innovation and jobs arising from efficient climate change adaptation.

Financing climate change adaptation in Europe - Task Force meeting
15 November 2011

This Task Force meeting considered the economics of climate change adaptation and the role of insurance companies and EU institutions in supporting cost-effective adaptation.

Health and well-being - Task Force meeting
15 July 2011

This Task Force meeting focused on the potential impacts of climate change on Europeans’ health and well-being and current adaptation measures, why Europe should prepare for this and what could be the EU’s role in managing these effects.

Adapting infrastructures: water, construction, energy and transport - Task Force meeting
10 May 2011

This meeting looked at the impact of climate change and natural catastrophes on Europe’s infrastructure, why adaptation is needed and why EU Member States should cooperate in the process.

Natural and agricultural resources - Task Force meeting
10 February 2011

This meeting focused on the potential impact of climate change on European ecosystems, biodiversity and agriculture, as well as current adaptation measures.

Agenda setting - 1st Task Force meeting
10 November 2010

This first meeting of the Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation considered the impacts of climate change on Europe, looked at the current and foreseen policy measures on adaptation, and helped to set the agenda for the future meetings of the Task Force.

Climate change in Europe – time to adapt?
6 October 2010

With the effects of climate change becoming more obvious every day, Europe urgently needs to take steps to adapt to these, said speakers at a Dialogue, held in conjunction with the King Baudouin Foundation to launch the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, a joint EPC-KBF initiative.

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