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Europe's Economic Security Project

Pressures of global geoeconomics are mounting and the European Union increasingly finds itself under the impact of systemic shocks. In this context, economic security is of strategic importance. This EPC’s project aims to contribute towards anchoring the future EU agenda on the notion of resilience and a renewed industrial strategy. In doing so, it examines progress in the implementation of the doctrine of de-risking, oriented at reducing the EU’s exposure to excessive economic dependencies. It also proposes ways of supporting value creation in the key sectors of the global economy to make sure Europe strengthens its position in the intensifying global competition.

The project focuses on:
  • Analysis of the constituent aspects of economic security in the competitive and shock-prone global environment
  • Formulating a menu of policy options, including at the sectorial and institutional level
  • Blueprint for global economic security cooperation between like-minded countries

The project has its own dedicated website.  Visit it at

The Europe's Economic Security project is led by Paweł Świeboda, Senior Visiting Fellow. For further information on our work and opportunities to support it, please email



Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Funding Europe’s Technology Revival
By Pawel Swieboda - 18/07/2024
Economic Security / REPORT
Stress testing the EU's food system
By Philipp Lausberg , Chris Hegadorn , Martyna Wala , Piotr Magnuszewski - 04/04/2024
Economic Security / OP-ED
Economic security: The strategic argument for Ukraine’s EU membership
By Svitlana Taran , Philipp Lausberg - 02/02/2024


Chief Executive and Chief Economist 
Europe’s political economy, Future of Europe, EU relationship with third countries, transnational think tank cooperation
Senior Adviser
EU’s international role, future of Europe, global trends, transatlantic relations, multilateralism, democratisation, strategic foresight, scenarios, enlargement
Associate Director and Head of the Social Europe and Well-being programme
EU politics (including The Netherlands); social policies and healthcare, the nexus between pharmaceutical policy and economic security, gender- and diversity issues and sustainability.
Associate Director and Head of Europe's Political Economy programme
International negotiations, trade, EU’s international role, security and defense, single market, digital policies, EU governance and interinstitutional relations, future of Europe
Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe and Senior Policy Analyst
Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation
Policy Analyst
EU Internal Energy Market, EU external energy policy, EU-Russia energy relations
Policy Analyst
EU economic governance, banking and financial policy, energy policy, industrial policy, the single market, politics and economics of Russia and Eastern Europe
Junior Policy Analyst
Industrial policy, energy policy, EU economic governance
Junior Policy Analyst
EU digital policy, internet paradigms, artificial intelligence, transatlantic relations
Junior Policy Analyst
International trade,geoeconomics, security, great power competition, East Asia, Central Asia, and the Indo-Pacific
Senior Visiting Fellow
Programme Assistant
EU energy security, governance, and industrial policy
Research Fellow
Generative AI, ethics of data and AI applications, transport justice and policy, simulation modelling for policymaking

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