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Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Studies
Institutional reform, poly-crisis, differentiated integration, enlargement, reform of economic governance


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Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Funding Europe’s Technology Revival
By Pawel Swieboda - 18/07/2024
Economic governance / EXTERNAL PUBLICATION
Hidden champions, missed opportunities: Mid-caps’ crucial roles in Europe’s economic transition
By Georg Riekeles , Philipp Lausberg , Laurent Maurin , Julie Delanote , Huyen Tran - 26/01/2024
Economic governance / COMMENTARY
Smart diversification: Economic security through diplomacy
By Ricardo Borges de Castro , Raúl Villegas - 21/09/2023
Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Economic security: A new EU paradigm?
By Fabian Zuleeg - 08/06/2023
Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Resetting the EU’s business model after the watershed
By Marco Buti , Marcello Messori - 13/02/2023
Economic governance / OP-ED
The EU’s trillion-euro question
By Georg Riekeles , Philipp Lausberg - 24/11/2022
Economic governance / COMMENTARY
Facing a recession, Europe should focus on its mid-caps
By Francesco De Angelis , Georg Riekeles - 13/09/2022


Economic governance / PANEL DISCUSSION
Euro-zone reform

27 March 2018 - Brussels, Belgique/Belgie
BOZAR & Association of European Journalists
Economic governance / INTERVIEW
Interview with the Bulgarian National Radio
Philipp Lausberg was interviewed by the Bulgarian National Radion on the current energy crisis and possible measures to contain the inflation surge.

Read it here. (In Bulgarian)

17 September 2022 - ,
Bulgarian National Radio
Economic governance / INTERVIEW
U.S. Fed's aggressive rate hikes add pressure on European economy
Philipp Lausberg was interviewed by the Chinese News Agency Xinhua on the effects of the US Fed's interest hike on the European economy.

Read the full article here.

04 October 2022 - ,
Xinhua News Agency
Economic governance / CONFERENCE
The EU economy in crisis. Learning from past mistakes?
Philipp Lausberg held a presentation on the state of the EU economy in the framework of the 2022 Winter Forecast as part of CEFIC’s Chemical Convention on 6 October 2022. 

Find out more about the event here.

06 October 2022 - ,
European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC)

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