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Fair Energy Transition for All

The Fair Energy Transition for All project (2020-2022) will explore the concerns, fears, hopes and expectations of economically and socially disadvantaged people with regard the energy transition to an energy systems based on environmentally friendly renewable energy and high-energy efficiency.

The overall project is spearheaded by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), and together with ifok and Climate Outreach, the European Policy Centre will lead the European track. The project has two main goals:

  1. gaining a better understanding of the emotions, fears, views and needs of economically and socially disadvantaged people with regards to the energy transition and its current and potential impact on their living conditions
  2. providing input to national and European policy-makers, researchers and stakeholders to help them develop fair energy transition policies and enhance the communication with the target group.
This will be done by inviting economically and socially disadvantaged people from nine EU countries to share their ideas and thoughts on the effects of the energy transition on their lives.

The EPC is in charge of supporting the national policy experts to turn the concerns and ideas of the citizens’ into recommendations for the EU and member states. We will also set up and run a EU Task Force that will provide reflections to the project from the EU perspective.

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Social EU / REPORT
Fair Energy Transition for All - How to get there?
By Laura Rayner , Melanie Fessler - 08/11/2022


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