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Olivia Sundberg Diez
Policy Analyst
Olivia Sundberg Diez is a Policy Analyst for the European Migration and Diversity Programme. Her work has primarily focused on the human rights implications of EU policy concerning irregular migration, particularly return and readmission practices.

Olivia graduated summa cum laude with an MA in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po (Paris), specialising in European studies and migration. She also holds a first class BA in Philosophy from University College London. She has previously worked as a Programme Director at the educational charity Debate Mate, at a range of UK think tanks including Reform and the Centre for Social Justice, as a consultant for the European Council on Foreign Relations, and as a communication and public speaking coach across Europe, Latin America and Asia.


European Migration and Diversity



Areas of expertise

Return and Readmission, External dimension of EU migration policy, Integration, Common European Asylum System

Current positions

Policy Analyst


Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Summa Cum Laude, Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po, Paris

BA in Philosophy, First Class (Hons), University College London


Spanish, English, French, Swedish (intermediate)



EPIM Policy Update September 2020
By Marie De Somer , Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn - 18/09/2020
EPIM Policy Update May 2020
By Marie De Somer , Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Helena Hahn - 25/05/2020
The upcoming New Pact on Migration and Asylum: Will it be up to the challenge?
By Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez - 29/04/2020
European and African perspectives on asylum and migration policy. Seeking common ground
By Olivia Sundberg Diez , Matthias Lücke , Leonie Jegen , Franzisca Zanker - 22/04/2020
EPIM Policy Update March 2020
By Marie De Somer , Alberto-Horst Neidhardt , Olivia Sundberg Diez , Nicolò Maganza - 03/03/2020


Migration / SUMMIT
Young Economic Summit
Olivia Sundberg Diez participated as an expert in the final of the YES! – Young Economic Summit 2020, where she advised students on a proposal to monitor, prepare for, and respond to climate-induced migration.

21 September 2020 - ,
Common European Asylum System (CEAS) / PUBLICATION
The Pandemic as a Test for European Asylum System
Olivia Sundberg Diez contributed a commentary to the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)’s Dossier, ‘Migration in a Post-Pandemic World’. Her contribution, ‘The pandemic as a test for European asylum systems’, outlined the lessons from European reception and detention systems’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

18 September 2020 - ,
Forced migration / ROUNDTABLE
Africa and Europe after COVID-19: Managing Migration Together
Olivia Sundberg Diez spoke at an online roundtable on ‘Looking for Shelter: African Refugees and the Global Pandemic’, organised by the Italian Institute for International Affairs (ISPI) and supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. She spoke on developments in EU migration and asylum policies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

16 June 2020 - ISPI

16 June 2020 - ,

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