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Well-being Economy Policy Lab

In this era of ‘permacrisis’, strengthening resilience and well-being is vital to better and more fairly protect citizens against the constant challenges, threats and shocks to the EU’s economic, social and political order. A well-being economy has the potential to protect people against current and future threats in a way that the conventional economic and social model is failing to do. 

The EPC’s Well-being Economy Policy Lab pursues a crosscutting programme of work across the EU’s well-being economy policy agenda to analyse how the EU can develop and implement policies leading to a more equitable, socially inclusive and regenerative well-being economy. The Policy Lab draws on policy expertise and stimulates political debate, analyses policy progress, develops and tests ideas for innovative policy solutions, and brings together examples of best practices from different levels of governance. It provides a platform for mutual learning, mutual support and encouragement in terms of policy collaboration and policy innovation for well-being.

The key objectives of the EPC Policy Lab are:

  • To build and secure political consensus for a well-being economy agenda where governments can come together in a ‘safe space’ to discuss and co-create policy solutions and their practical implementation within the EU and beyond, develop common understandings, principles and shared actions at the EU and international level, identify key political issues and challenges, and monitor, analyse and assess policy progress;
  • Formulate ambitious but politically feasible and relevant policy recommendations for policy-makers through multi-disciplinary policy dialogues and evidence-based analysis to better inform policy-making.

The Policy Lab also draws on policy expertise, bringing in examples of best practices from different levels of governance (i.e. cities, local, sub-state, national and international, including the Group of Well-being Economy Governments comprising Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand, Wales, and Finland).




Well-being / COMMENTARY
Protective, preventative policymaking fit for the future
By Aileen McLeod , Laura Rayner - 19/10/2023


Senior Policy Analyst

Social Europe, economic governance, wellbeing economy, Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Just Transition, demographic change, the future of work

Policy Analyst
Labour rights, inequality, the digital economy,  economic governance,  international politics,  social protection and the welfare state

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