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Senior Policy Analyst
Turkish foreign/domestic policy; Security/conflict resolution in the Black Sea/Eurasia region, Russian foreign policy in the former Soviet space/Middle East, EU foreign policy in its Eastern neighbourhood, counter-terrorism


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Terrorism & radicalisation / BOOK
The Challenge of Jihadist Radicalisation - In Europe and Beyond
By Herman Van Rompuy , Amanda Paul , Andrea Frontini , Demir Murat Seyrek , Roberta Bonazzi , and others - 22/03/2017
Terrorism & radicalisation / COMMENTARY
The fall-out from the Brussels terrorist attacks
By Pieter Van Ostaeyen - 15/06/2016
Terrorism & radicalisation / COMMENTARY
Don't let them win
By Fabian Zuleeg - 24/11/2015
Terrorism & radicalisation / ISSUE PAPERS
The EU as a counter-terrorism actor abroad: finding opportunities, overcoming constraints
By Mark Rhinard , Erik Brattberg , Peter Wennerholm - 27/09/2010


Terrorism & radicalisation / BOOK
Guns and glory: Criminality, imprisonment and jihadist extremism in Europe
Ivano Di Carlo wrote the chapter on Germany in "Guns and glory: Criminality, imprisonment and jihadist extremism in Europe" book.

24 September 2019 - ,

Terrorism & radicalisation / POLICY DIALOGUE
5th ASPI-KAS Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

Amanda Paul briefed Australian Counter-Terrorism officials and experts on EU counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism efforts during the 5th ASPI-KAS Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

17 October 2019 - ,

Terrorism & radicalisation / INTERVIEW
Turkey starts deporting foreign ISIS fighters
Amanda Paul was interviewed by the Arab Weekly press agency on Tukey's deportation of foreign ISIS fighters

The interview can be found here 

17 November 2019 - ,

Terrorism & radicalisation / CONFERENCE
Radicalisation and the Spread of Violent Conference

 Amanda Paul spoke on the Crime-Terror nexus at a conference on Radicalisation and the Spread of Violent Conferences organised in Den Haag by Links and European Eye on Radicalisation

28 November 2019 - ,
European Eye on Radicalisation
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