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The power of pandemics to change the world
By Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 24/11/2022
Healthcare / POLICY BRIEF
From reaction to action: How the EU can step up its role in global pandemics
By Claire Dhéret , Simona Guagliardo - 14/07/2020

Ongoing Projects

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Digitalisation / PUBLICATION
Unpacking the EU’s plan on dig
The publication contributes to the debate on the transformation of health and care in the European Digital Single Market. It focuses on the need to develop a comprehensive approach that takes into account data protection and security, the development of digital infrastructures, and the need for education and trust.

01 May 2018 - ,

Health systems / CONFERENCE
11th European Public Health C
The intervention was part of a skills building seminar which aimed to contribute to capacity building in knowledge translation and evidence-informed decision-making in public health. It focused on the need for secure access to and sharing of health data, digital infrastructure development, and people’s empowerment and endorsement.

29 November 2018 - Ljubljana, Slovenija

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