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European elections / PODCAST

Post-election analysis

Analysts Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Corina Stratulat and Fabian Zuleeg shared their views on the results of the European Parliament elections at an EPC post-election briefing.

Their in-depth analysis covered, among other things, the implications of the splintering of the European vote, the emergence of a new political alignment that goes beyond the traditional left-right paradigm, the different scenarios for a new coalition agreement in the Parliament, the race for the EU top jobs and what the election results in the UK mean for Brexit.

With Fabian Zuleeg , Corina Stratulat , Janis A. Emmanouilidis



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European elections / DISCUSSION PAPER
The 2017 elections across Europe: facts, expectations and consequences
By Fabian Zuleeg , Corina Stratulat , Francesca Fabbri , Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer , Adriaan Schout , Janis A. Emmanouilidis - 14/03/2017


European Union / ROUNDTABLE
European elections 2019
Janis A. Emmanouilidis spoke at Business Europe on the outlook for Europe in the run-up to the European elections in 2019.

01 January 0001 - , Belgique/Belgie
Business Europe
European elections / PUBLICATION
The European Election 2019: A Comparative Outlook at the European Election Campaigns in France, Germany and Poland
The discussion paper takes a closer look at the European Election Campaigns 2019 in France, Germany and Poland and analyses whether they favoured the emergence of a Europeanised public sphere.

Read the full paper here

17 July 2019 - , Deutschland
Das Progressive Zentrum
European elections / INTERVIEW
Mørkeblå valgvind over Europa
Elizabeth Kuiper was interviewed by the Norwegian News Agency on the upcoming European elections and the rise of the far-right in Europe. 

Read the article here. (In Norwegian)

21 December 2023 - ,
Norwegian News Agency
European elections / INTERVIEW
Farmers back on political scene, putting pressure on governments
Fabian Zuleeg was interviewed by Euractiv on the rise of farmers' movements in Europe and their implications for the upcoming European Elections. 

Read the article here.

09 January 2024 - ,

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