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The Single Market Roundtable

Launched in 2015, the ongoing Single Market Roundtable series has provided a unique platform for an exchange of ideas and in assessing the Commission’s work on the Single Market. Over the last years, the Roundtable has facilitated discussions among representatives from EU institutions, permanent representations, trade unions and business organisations. It aims to provide a more holistic view of the state of play of Single Market policies and formulate policy recommendations for action at EU level.

Against the backdrop of sluggish economic performance, a functioning Single Market is often portrayed as a means of restoring growth in Europe and fostering competitiveness, ultimately benefitting EU citizens, consumers and business alike. However, despite this recognition, the Single Market is not delivering its full potential in terms of growth and jobs. Competing national interests reflected as physical and/or regulatory barriers, and insufficient implementation of internal market rules are affecting the free movement of goods, services, and labour. Small and medium enterprises are paying the highest price for the costs of diverging standards and insufficient mutual recognition, fragmented regulations in areas such as public procurement and bankruptcy law, insufficient execution of EU directives and supervisory fragmentation. A serious divide between the EU vision and implementation, and the member states’ commitment and the everyday reality for citizens and businesses, call for a frank and open discussion on the state of play and the measures to be taken, if the EU and its member states wish to realise the benefits that a functioning Single Market can deliver.

The Roundtable series is under the chairmanship of Malcolm Harbour, former Chair of the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and current Senior Adviser to the EPC. It places a particular emphasis on how, in a globalised, competitive and digital world, the EU can make better use of its own market while remaining at the forefront of global competitiveness and innovation. Its discussions are held under the Chatham House Rule.


Single market / DISCUSSION PAPER
Making the Single Market work: Launching a 2022 masterplan for Europe
By Malcolm Harbour , Johan Bjerkem - 28/08/2019
Single market / COMMENTARY
An EU New Year’s resolution: Keep boosting the Single Market
By Malcolm Harbour , Johan Bjerkem - 07/12/2018


Senior Adviser on the Single Market
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European economic policy, EMU governance, the Capital markets union, industrial strategy, the Single Market, trade, international economic relations
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Single market, Economic and Monetary Union, international trade, EU trade policy

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