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Chief Executive and Chief Economist 
European political economy, economic governance/EMU, Europe's long term economic future, EU budget, Single Market, European labour markets, sustainability of Europe's economic & social model, PPPs, eco-innovation & well-being.


Single market / DISCUSSION PAPER
Making the Single Market work: Launching a 2022 masterplan for Europe
By Malcolm Harbour , Johan Bjerkem - 28/08/2019
Single market / COMMENTARY
An EU New Year’s resolution: Keep boosting the Single Market
By Malcolm Harbour , Johan Bjerkem - 07/12/2018
Single market / POLICY BRIEF
Future of taxation in the single market
By Iva Tasheva , Fabian Zuleeg - 27/01/2017
Single market / ISSUE PAPERS
Making progress towards the completion of the Single European Labour Market
By Fabian Zuleeg , Claire Dhéret , Alex Lazarowicz - 28/05/2013
Single market / POLICY BRIEF
The Accessibility Act – Using the single market to promote fundamental rights
By Annika Hedberg , Romain Pardo - 12/03/2013


Single market / CONSULTATION
Meeting with the Icelandic EEA Committee
Johan Bjerkem met with a government appointed Committee investigating Iceland’s membership of the European Economic Area

31 January 2019 - Brussels, Belgium,
Embassy of Iceland in Brussels
Single market / ROUNDTABLE
An Industry Action Plan for the EU: better outcomes together
Johan Bjerkem acted as a guest speaker on a panel debating EU industrial policy

26 March 2019 - Madrid, Spain,
Elcano Royal Institute
Single market / CONFERENCE
Setting the scene for an industrial vision for 2030 and beyond
Johan Bjerkem moderated and contributed to two panel discussions on EU industrial policy

09 April 2019 - Brussels,
Romanian EU Presidency and Industry4Europe Coalition
Single market / CONFERENCE
European champions vs. hidden champions: What's the future of European Industry?
Johan Bjerkem acted as a guest speaker on a panel debating EU industrial policy

19 June 2019 - Brussels,
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