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EU digital agenda, EU strategic autonomy, industry 4.0, disruptive technologies, civil society (digital populism, social polarisation), Liberalism


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Industrial policy / PANEL DISCUSSION
A new industrial policy for the energy union

16 May 2018 - Brussels, Belgique/Belgie
International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers
Industrial policy /
Industrial action plan

26 November 2018 - ,
Council of Tampere Region
Industrial policy / WORKSHOP
Territorial impact assessment: Industrial policy strategy
Marta Pilati contributed to the workshop "Territorial impact assessment: Industrial policy strategy workshop", hosted by the European Committee of the Regions

06 March 2019 - Brussels,
European Committee of the Regions
Single market / ROUNDTABLE
An Industry Action Plan for the EU: better outcomes together
Johan Bjerkem acted as a guest speaker on a panel debating EU industrial policy

26 March 2019 - Madrid, Spain,
Elcano Royal Institute
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