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Associate Director and Head of Europe's Political Economy programme
International negotiations, trade, EU’s international role, security and defense, single market, digital policies, EU governance and interinstitutional relations, future of Europe
Policy Analyst
EU economic governance, banking and financial policy, energy policy, industrial policy, the single market, politics and economics of Russia and Eastern Europe


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Industrial policy / PANEL DISCUSSION
A new industrial policy for the energy union

16 May 2018 - Brussels, Belgique/Belgie
International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers
Industrial policy /
Industrial action plan

26 November 2018 - ,
Council of Tampere Region
Industrial policy / WORKSHOP
Territorial impact assessment: Industrial policy strategy
Marta Pilati contributed to the workshop "Territorial impact assessment: Industrial policy strategy workshop", hosted by the European Committee of the Regions

06 March 2019 - Brussels,
European Committee of the Regions
Single market / ROUNDTABLE
An Industry Action Plan for the EU: better outcomes together
Johan Bjerkem acted as a guest speaker on a panel debating EU industrial policy

26 March 2019 - Madrid, Spain,
Elcano Royal Institute

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