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Annika Hedberg
Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme

Annika Hedberg is the Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme at European Policy Centre (EPC), an independent think tank based in Brussels, Belgium. She joined the EPC in 2010 and over the years has worked on a wide range of policy areas, including climate, energy, environment, health, and industrial transformation. In her role as the Head of Programme, she aims to promote discussion on the foundations and drivers for a more sustainable and competitive European economy. Through her work she aims to explore linkages across sectors and policy areas that are needed for the green transition. She regularly writes, moderates events and speaks on these topics.

Prior to joining the EPC, she worked at the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, a policy think tank in Helsinki, and at the Finnish Foreign Ministry. She has a LL.M. in Public International Law from the Helsinki University and a BSc in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics.


Sustainable Prosperity for Europe


Digital roadmap for a circular economy, An Industry Action Plan for the EU, Climate and Energy Platform, The Multiannual Financial Framework and National Energy and Climate Plans - A co-creation agenda, Building a climate-resilient Europe

Areas of expertise

Climate, energy, environment, EU budget, sustainable EU, circular economy, smarter use of resources, agriculture, Industrial transformation,  transport

Current positions

Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme


LL.M. in Public International Law, Helsinki University, Finland
BSc in International Relations and History, London School of Economics, UK


English, Finnish



Transatlantic affairs / EPC ROUND-UP
Searching for economic security in an age of confrontation: The Trade and Technology Council takes shape
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka , Guillaume Van der Loo , Frederico Mollet , Georg Riekeles , Andrea García Rodríguez , Simon Dekeyrel , Evin Jongen-Fay - 19/05/2022
Wake up, EU! We are at war
By Annika Hedberg - 08/04/2022
Circular economy / DISCUSSION PAPER
Building a circular economy: The role of information transfer
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka - 17/11/2021
The European Green Deal: How to turn ambition into action
By Annika Hedberg - 04/11/2021


Interview on the Ukraine war
Annika Hedberg gave an interview for Das Erste on the ongoing war in Ukraine and its implications for Eastern Europe. 

You can watch the interview here or read about it here. (In German)

03 April 2022 - ,
Das Erste (ARD)
Green & Digital Transition / CONFERENCE
Masters of Digital 2022 Conference
Annika Hedberg spoke at DIGITALEUROPE’s Masters of Digital 2022 Conference, in a session on ‘Data and the green recovery’, about the role of data and digital solutions as enablers for the green transition. The session can be accessed via this link.

Masters of Digital 2022 Conference
03 February 2022 - ,
Circular economy / REPORT
Looping on data
Annika Hedberg's and Stefan Sipka's study entitled "The circular economy: Going digital" is quoted in the latest report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation network - "Looping on data: Best practices and barriers for sharing data in circular business models". 

You can read the full report here.

Looping on data: Best practices and barriers for sharing data in circular business models"
02 February 2022 - ,
Ellen MacArthur Foundation network

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