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  Sustainable Prosperity for Europe  

The Sustainable Prosperity for Europe (SPfE) Programme explores the foundations and drivers for achieving an environmentally sustainable and competitive European economy. 

While the climate crisis is a complex challenge to be addressed, non-action is not an option. Prospering within the planetary boundaries requires rethinking the existing ‘take-make-dispose’ economic model, reducing pollution and being smarter with the resources we have. 

The Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Agenda provide the direction, and the SPfE Programme engages in a debate on the needed measures to achieve a fair transition to an environmentally sustainable economy and society. It focuses on areas where working together across the EU can bring significant benefits to the member states, citizens and businesses, and ensure sustainable prosperity within the limits of this planet.


Transatlantic affairs / EPC ROUND-UP
Searching for economic security in an age of confrontation: The Trade and Technology Council takes shape
By Annika Hedberg , Guillaume Van der Loo , Frederico Mollet , Georg Riekeles , Andrea García Rodríguez , Simon Dekeyrel , Evin Jongen-Fay - 19/05/2022
Conference on the Future of Europe / EPC ROUND-UP
The Conference on the Future of Europe: From citizens’ recommendations to EU policy
By Ivano di Carlo , Sophie Pornschlegel , Francesco De Angelis , Laura Rayner , Danielle Brady , Filipe Ataíde Lampe , Silvia Carta - 05/05/2022
Energy / OP-ED
The moral cost of 'social peace' in Germany
By Simon Dekeyrel - 14/04/2022


Interview on the EU's Russian oil ban
Annika Hedberg gave an interview to the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE on the EU's sixth sanctions package and the proposed EU's Russian oil ban.

You can read the interview here. (In Finnish)

31 May 2022 - ,
EU plans to cut Russian gas supplies
Simon Dekeyrel was quoted in an article by Voice of America Russia on the Ukraine war and the EU's plans to cut Russian gas supplies.

You can read the article here. (In Russian)

EU plans to cut Russian gas supplies
12 April 2022 - ,
VOA Russia
How Bulgaria helped Putin against Ukraine
Simon Dekeyrel was quoted in an article published in Radio Free Europe on the ongoing war in Ukraine, the EU's dependence on Russian gas and TurkStream. 

You can read the article here. (In Bulgarian)

How Bulgaria helped Putin against Ukraine
08 April 2022 - ,
Radio Free Europe

Mobility / PODCAST

Green mobility in Europe - with Lilyana Pavlova, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank
On the occasion of the European Mobility Week, our own Annika Hedberg (Head of the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme) and Stefan Sipka (policy analyst) talked to Vice-President Lilyana Pavlova of the European Investment Bank, the lending arm of the European Union, about the future of green mobility in Europe and the Union’s efforts to decarbonise transport in light of the EU Green Deal.

They discussed how making and encouraging the right investment decisions can drive the climate-neutral transformation of transport; the different actions the EU, and the EIB specifically, have already undertaken and what more could and should be done; and the unexpected ways the Coronacrisis has affected mobility on European roads.

With Annika Hedberg , Rebecca Castermans



Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme

Climate, energy, environment, EU budget, sustainable EU, circular economy, smarter use of resources, agriculture, Industrial transformation,  transport

Policy Analyst
EU Internal Energy Market, EU external energy policy, EU-Russia energy relations
Policy Analyst
European Green Deal, just transition, citizen engagement, climate and migration
Policy Analyst
Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation
Programme Assistant
Climate, energy, circular economy, just transition, Green Deal and environmental policies

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