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Cybersecurity / PODCAST

Is the EU ready to face quantum cyberattacks?

Von der Leyen’s State of the Union speech calls for member states to advance efforts in emerging technologies and invest in everything, from microelectronics to quantum computing and AI. But is Europe ambitious and prepared enough to bring forward von der Leyen’s agenda?

This episode of the EPC Podcast looks at the rapid development of quantum technologies in Europe and beyond, its implications for cybersecurity and the EU’s role in ensuring safety online.

With Andrea G. Rodríguez, EPC’s Lead Digital Analyst, and Jesse Robbers, Quantum Delta NL’s Executive Board Member and Director.

Photo credits: CANVA
The audio from Ursula von der Leyen's State of the Union speech was taken from the Commission's audiovisual service. Credits: European Union, 2023

With Barbara Vanotti , Jesse Robbers



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Cybersecurity / DISCUSSION PAPER
A quantum cybersecurity agenda for Europe
By - 17/07/2023
Cybersecurity / DISCUSSION PAPER
European cybersecurity policy - Trends and prospects
By Iva Tasheva - 08/06/2017


Cybersecurity / PUBLICATION
Lessons from the Ukrainian cyber front
Andrea G. Rodríguez's commentary on the Ukraine war and EU cyber policy was republished by the Brussels' Office of the UK Law Societies. 

Read the full text here.

12 May 2022 - ,
Brussels’ Office of the UK Law Societies
Cybersecurity / PANEL DISCUSSION
Europe in 2030: strengthening public-private cooperation in hybrid crises
Andrea G. Rodríguez participated in Friends of Europe’s third and latest tabletop exercise, titled ‘Europe in 2030: Strengthening public-private cooperation in hybrid crises’.

Read the key findings of this exercise here.

19 May 2022 - ,
Friends of Europe
Cybersecurity / CONTRIBUTION
Agora Spotlight: Enhancing Cross-Sectorial Lines of Communication
Andrea G. Rodríguez presented a discussion paper on the European Cybersecurity Strategy at the European Cyber Agora initiative organised by Microsoft.

Watch her presentation here and read the paper here.

16 June 2022 - ,
Cybersecurity / PANEL DISCUSSION
The EU, NATO and cyber security
Andrea G. Rodríguez was a speaker at the panel “The EU, NATO and cyber security” organised by the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub.

Find out more here.

29 June 2022 - Berlin, Germany,
Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub

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