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Disruptive Technologies Series

The Disruptive Technologies events series was organised in cooperation with Dell. The aim was to go 'beyond the hype' around new and emerging digital technoligies, focusing on Artificial Intellience (AI), Algorithms, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. A lot has been written and said about technologies such as AI, IoT and Blockchain and how they are changing, shaping or disrupting our way of life. Some see it as a great opportunity, others are afraid of the implications, for example, for employment. Whilst some argue that it will take much more time for emerging technologies to radically change our societies, digital disruption is already here with new technolgies in smartphones, smart cars, healthcare, financial services, retail and manufacturing. This series attempted to assess emerging and future developments, particularly the implications of AI, the Interet of things and blockchain for Europe’s competitiveness, the economy and the future of work, including the EU policy framework. The Disruptive Technologies series brought together interested stakeholders and policymakers to debate and discuss the opportunities and societal/ethical questions linked to these new and emerging technologies.


Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe and Senior Policy Analyst
Circular economy, agriculture and rural development, environmental assessment and public participation
Senior Adviser on climate and sustainability
Policy Analyst
Industrial policy, Single Market, Digital, Trade
Policy Analyst
EU digital agenda, EU strategic autonomy, industry 4.0, disruptive technologies, civil society (digital populism, social polarisation), Liberalism
Programme Assistant
Digital, Single Market, Transatlantic Relations

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